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Gains is an integrated payment and billing solution that puts money in your pocket, provides crystal-clear insight into your business, aids member relations by handling billing problems and gives you the right numbers at your fingertips to help your business grow. Gains is the simple, fast, and secure way to paid.  

Gains partners with First Data, one of the nation’s most successful payment processing companies with more than 50 years of experience in the payments industry.

Meet the Gains Team

Get to know the team of professionals creating a better way to paid.
Matt Popinski
Senior Vice President of Payments

Matt oversees Daxko’s portfolio of integrated payment solutions. He joined the Daxko team in 2007 after 15 years working with sales and services organizations including AT&T and Johnson & Johnson. At Daxko, Matt has led the support and services organization, overseen company acquisitions of NetVentures Corporation and Affiliated Acceptance Corporation, managed dozens of payments conversions, and launched the company’s suite of integrated payments and billing solutions. At the core of Matt’s passion is delivering exceptional experiences for customers and team members. Matt is a Certified Payments Professional, an active member of the Electronic Transaction Association, and a multi-time graduate of the Disney Institute. He is an avid soccer fan and resides in Birmingham with his wife and four children.

Kate Hardy
Vice President of Payments

Kate serves as Daxko’s Vice President of Payments, managing Payment operations across the enterprise business. She has a proven record of developing processes and operational efficiencies. Prior to joining Daxko, Kate managed operations and payment analysis at a large retail/wholesale ISO servicing 10,000+ merchants and over 100 sales representatives. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, she received her BS from the University of Sunderland, England. Kate now lives in Birmingham Alabama with her husband and dog.

Angela Masters

Senior Director of Full-Service Billing

Time with Gains: 16 years

Her Top Gains Moment: “During a recent meeting I had with a customer, we were actually able to review our success results from the previous months. They were so appreciative of all the time that we saved them.We also saved them a lot of uncomfortable conversations around a decline event and her appreciation for us was heard and felt during that meeting.”

Fun Fact: Angela loves to explore the outdoors on her UTV!

Sarah Blomberg

Account Manager

Time with Gains: 12 years

Her Top Gains Moment: “One of my favorite conversations was with an association in Georgia. I met with the sweetest group of ladies to go over the services and to schedule a launch date. We spent more time chit-chatting than going over the actual services, but by the end of the call we were able to get a launch date set, and I also made a few new friends!”

Fun Fact: Sarah is a huge perfectionist. When she worked as a waitress in high school, she would iron her tip money because she despised carrying around wrinkly dollar bills!

Nicole Trandum

Member Services Specialist

Time with Gains: 4 years

Her Top Gains Moment: “You gain great work relationships with your clients and your customers. We speak to each other like we’ve known each other for years.For example, my clients always ask me how my child is doing and how I’m doing, and I do the same for them.”  

Fun Fact: Outside of her role at Gains, Nicole is a freelance photographer!

Linda Enyart

Member Services Specialist

Time with Gains: 4 years

Her Top Gains Moment: “I love working for Gains not only because we power health and wellness throughout the world, but because we provide it amongst each other. Our small office of wonderful people care about each other so much, from our dogs to our grandkids! There’s so much encouragement given to us from our coworkers, our team leads, and our senior leadership that it makes it a very enjoyable and positive place to work.”

Fun Fact: Linda is a big-time gardener. She loves gettingher hands dirty and seeing all her beautiful flowers grow.

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