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Gain Increased Cash Flow //
The Better Way to Paid
What’s better than getting paid? Getting paid more. With Gains, watch your existing cash flow grow. Gains’ proactive card account updater prevents declines, leading to fewer terminations and ultimately more money in your pocket. With Gains’ easy-to-use insights reporting, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the cash roll in.
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Gain Time Back in Your Day //
The Fast Way to Paid
Time is money. Spend less time chasing credit card declines and more time chasing growth. With Gains on your team, you’ll experience fewer declines. And with fewer declines, you’ll get back countless hours so you can focus on the work that really matters. Next-day funding equals more pay days and less waiting, which means you’re on your way to getting paid faster.
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Gain A Sense of Security //
The Secure Way to Paid
With more money in your pocket, you need more security. Protect your customers' payment information against breaches with tokenization, prevent fraudulent transactions with our address verification service, and trust our PCI compliant system to defend all your data. With easy access to insight reports on your payment data and transactions, you can rest assured thatGains has your back.

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