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Preventing Declined Payments
One in three credit card declines ends in a terminated membership. Our proactive card account updater prevents declines from happening in the first place, leading to fewer terminated membership and more revenue for you.
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Keeping Members Happy
A happy member is a loyal member. You want your members to remember you as the one who helped them reach their fitness goal, not the person calling about a credit card decline. Our highly trained full-service billing staff handles all payment communication with members, so you can keep your relationships strong and your spotless reputation stronger.
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Knowing the Right Date
Sometimes it really is all in the timing. Using SmartDate resubmission technology, Gains recovers lost revenue from credit card declines with little to no work on your part. Gone are the days of manually resubmitting payments whenever you have a spare moment. Gains has it down to a science—or a very smart algorithm.

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