How Can You Gain with Full-Service Billing?

Your current processes for recovering declined payments are complicated & time-consuming. Learn the top ways Gains full-service billing is your way to paid.

What Is Full-Service Billing?

Your current processes have you spending hours every week chasing down declines and having tough payments conversations with members. But with Gains full-service billing, you have a dedicated team with decades of experience focused on preventing and managing member payment issues. Gains full-service billing helps your business maintain positive cash flow and streamline operations, all while freeing up time to focus on curating the best experience for your members. Learn the top 3 ways Gains full-service billing is your way to paid:  


You get paid when your members submit their dues. But what happens when they don’t? You have a couple of options. You either establish a litany of manual processes for keeping track of payment declines and reaching out to members to recover that revenue, or you partner with a team that can handle the headache for you.  

The Gains full-service billing team, with 30+ years of experience, is dedicated to investigating and resolving insufficient funds declines for you.  

And when you integrate payment processing and full-service billing, you send your cash flow soaring. Gains’ proactive card account updater diminishes declines, leading to fewer terminations and ultimately more money in your pocket. Our proprietary SmartDate technology resubmits declines at just the right time to recover your revenue. Work smarter with a payments team dedicated to your success.  


Getting your money too fast is never the issue, right? Our team ensures uninterrupted billing by handling all your customers’ payments needs. This allows you and your staff to stay out of sticky conversations and focus on meaningful ones. No more phone tag to update member profiles.  

With full-service billing, you spend less time working to get paid. Our team of experienced payments professionals manages all your inbound and outbound billing requests, giving you and your staff countless hours back in your day.


You work hard to bring in members. Once they’re in, you should be able to count on their membership dues as reliable recurring revenue, but oftentimes, that’s not the case. With a 55% recovery success and $145k recovered revenue within the first 4 months, Gains’ resubmission service makes resolving payment declines simple and stress free.  

How Can You Gain with Full-Service Billing?

Gains full-service billing acts as an extension of your business, managing the uncomfortable billing and payments conversations with members so you and your staff can build and maintain long-term relationships.  

You need a proactive billing solution that will give you back the time to engage with your members, recover lost revenue, and manage insufficient fund declines on your behalf. You deserve a billing service solution that resolves problems before they arise. It’s time to leave the payments admin work to the experts and for you to get back on the floor with your members. We know you have a lot on your plate, that’s why we’ve made the process to switch to full-service billing simple.

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